Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Together Now

I was recently asked to be in a group show in Nashville, TN and it has been quite an honor to be among such amazing and talented artists. Adrienne Miller, who you may remember from many posts in the pasts including a dreamy, artful post, curated the show "All Together Now" at Space 204 at Vanderbilt University. This is Adrienne's write-up for the show.

This exhibition will focus on the growing trend of pattern and proletariat influence in contemporary art. This show is not drawing works together by concept or message, but through form, color, materials, and the repeated mark. Elements of “lower art forms” are sneaking back into contemporary art in significant ways. Artists are using methods such as silkscreen printing, hand lettering, collage, and other unlikely material combinations with an awareness of current trends and culture. This type of work bridges the gap of playful, yet intelligent, having experience and personality without becoming pedantic. The rise of the rock poster, the influence of folk art, graffiti, craft elements and commercial design are infiltrating traditional gallery shows and should be seen as significant influences for the upcoming generation of fine artists.

The opening reception for the show was July 8th. I wish wish wish I could have made it for the reception but if you are in the area please stop and see it. It will be up until August 8. If you are like me and are too far away here are some beautiful images taken by Aron Wright. A big thanks to Aron for taking such beautiful photos. See more of Aron's photography here.

(my pieces are the two house shaped ones and the large one with the houses in it. click the pics to see larger.)

Here is a list of all the artists included in "All Together Now." I will hopefully get to do an interview with Adrienne soon about the whole process of curating a show. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!

Laura Baisden
Kelly Bonadies
Clare J. Bowers
Will Bryant
Andrew Burkitt
Chris Cheney
Gregory Scott Cook
Ann Flowers
Tate Foley
Alyson Fox
Chad Kouri
Bryce McCloud
Michelle Ramin
Stacey Reason
Brad Vetter
Betsy Walton
Lindsey Warren
Lulu Wolf

If you have facebook here is the info if you are in the area and would like to stop by and see it.

Oh!! And a write-up here!!

Thank you thank you, Adrienne, for being so dreamy!


anna said...

How great you were in an group show again. Looks like your work fitted perfectly!

flux biota. said...

this show is HOT.

CassieMarie said...

Congrats Ann! Looks like a great show!!

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks you guys!