Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Curating for Valentine's Day

So I think I just like looking at heartsy cutesy things but I put together another post of awesomely wonderful Valentine's gifts for a loved one or a friend.

Samantha at Post Grad Haircut has been posting some amazing things including this beautiful coffee cup with a surprise heart.
Also this very simple heart ring. I love this so much.
So, this Fantastic Mr. Fox book doesn't exactly scream Valentine's Day but most people don't like screaming Valentine's Day so this is a nice alternative.

Over at Loveology the shop Flavanilla was featured. This beautiful necklace resides in that shop.
When I was in fifth grade a boyfriend gave me a necklace like this. I wish wish wish I still had it Luckily they are for sale here.
I've mentioned Jackie Bos before. Now she has these fun plush hearts in her shop. Buy them here.
At Ashley G's shop you can buy this cute print or you can get your own custom portrait made of you and someone you love... or like a lot.
And I'm always a fan of Julia Pott's work but I think this one says it all...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day puts a little flutter in my heart. Okay, that's cheesy. But it can be a really nice day. Here are some great Valentine's Day gifts all from shops featured on Paper n Stitch.

I've always loved these dancing hearts by Kitty Rogers Photography.
Or these lovely hearts by Isphotography.
Isn't this beautiful? Print by Rolland Tumble Press.
Here is a new spin on the heart by Metal Smitten.
Um, shameless self promotion? Hearts by abeautifulparty.
I love this necklace by WIYOMU
With these bracelets by Simag Jewelry you can personalize them and have them say anything. I love that!
I love a good banner. This is a favorite by Gathering Spriggs.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who Are You?

I'm in a bit of a bind. I found this folder on my computer filled with tons of lovely artwork. Unfortunately I didn't save the images properly and now I have no idea who the works belong to. I think most of them are from when I was on myspace and friended artists whose work I liked. Can anyone identify any of these pieces? I want to give proper credit to the artists. Thanks to anyone who can help!


Lately over at the blog Fine Little Day, Elisabeth has ben posting gorgeous dollhouse photos. Like this stove shelf she's working on...
And this absolutley amazing dollhouse that her children are decorating.
Also, she posted about these amazing shoebox dioramas made by a bunch of children in the UK. Click on the link to see the boxes up close and read a description about each room. They are really charming.
My friend Cassie is remodeling a dollhouse and it's absolutely lovely.
I'm a little house crazy these days. I want to decorate a home and bake things in it and live happily ever after in it. That's my plan for the future.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today my landlord stopped by to see if I would be renewing my lease. My heart beat a little bit faster when I said No for the first time in three years. That was the first sign of a change that is coming.

Post Office Again

Artwork by Marnie Weber.

Yesterday I went to the post office again. Seriously, I go to the post office a lot. I like it, it makes me feel part of the town for some reason. So, the line wasn't too long, the wait wasn't too long. I did my part as a good citizen and had all my stuff ready and just needed to purchase postage. When I got to the mailman I soon discovered that I did not have everything ready and had to take an extra long time re-doing some things. I was now the person holding up the line. Should the lady from my pet peeve post had been in that line she would have been griping about me! I apologized profusely and when done ran out without looking in the faces of any of those standing in line. Yesterday was my day to anger the post office.

On Flickr

I had not been using my flickr site in forever but lately I've been really into editing photos and making fun sets. I love the picnik editing function. I think it more than makes up for not owning photoshop. I've been playing around with some photos I took in my photography class. I'm thinking about making some prints for my shop. Should I just stick with the photos of the girl or are the object ones okay, too? I ordered my last prints from adorama but I'm wondering what others are using. Any suggestions? Also, one more question while I'm at it. I'm really lacking in the packaging department. Can any sellers tell me where you buy your packaging? Thanks, everyone, in advance!

A little bit more

Here are some hints for my thesis show. I'm excited to get in the studio today and get more done. I've never been more happy to be working towards this show. In the coming weeks I'm going to be building, printing, sewing, drawing and fantasizing. And probably drinking a lot of coffee.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Here!

Here is the official video of Cannonball Press invading NIU!


What a lucky find. I was randomly searching google images for chevron symbols when I came across these beautiful paintings by Kathryn Baines. I'm not sure who she is, I could only find her work on artnet, but I love how seemingly simple these paintings are. Oh, and the reason they came up in a google search for chevron symbol? This painting is called Chevron:

Anyone know anything about this artist?


I have some big big plans up my sleeves for my thesis show. Big plans. I'm a little bit beside myself with excitement. It's mostly a secret but over the coming weeks I'll reveal a little bit at a time with pics. Keep an eye out!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Summer Blues

We are almost at the end of January and winter is far from over. Lately I find myself dreaming of warm weather so much so that I can almost taste it. I want so badly a nice summer rain that slightly cools off a hot day. I want the way the sky turns gray but there is still some sun peeking out and you walk through the rain in bare feet and when it quits raining there is a fresh smell in the air. I want to eat dinner on a patio that is almost shaded by the sun but just enough peeks through to keep you warm. I want the warm feeling on my skin. I want the breeze that relieves you from the heat for a moment. I want large glasses of water that drip with condensation. I want to float in the ocean and let the waves rock me back and forth. I want that first feeling of cool pool water when you dip your toe in. I want to lay on a wet towel on hot concrete feeling both cool and hot at the same time. I want to live some place where I can feel this way year-round. I promise I'll never take it for granted. I promise to wear more sunblock.

Good Art

Kerri, originally uploaded by sickgirlkaty.

My friend Katy Seals just started grad school this fall and already she's making some amazing work! This piece, called Kerri, is a mixed-media piece. Katy's been working hard and obviously making amazing work. I'm sure we will be hearing way more from Katy soon.

(for some reason this image got cropped weird and I can't figure out how to fix it. Could anyone give me advice?)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Performance

Oh wow oh wow. I had such a rad time with Cannonball press here. Thursday night we had the opening reception at the gallery and we all got to take part in their performance. It was lots of fun. I was the camera woman, that's me with a camera that everyone helped build and decorate. And Jessica Robles made a fancy light stick.
Here are Martin and Mike, they are about to do the big reveal of what's behind the curtain, notice the video camera?
The big reveal was a huge pig.
Martin cut it open.
It was filled with coins that depicted scenes about morality!!! Wow!!

If this is confusing at all it will make sense when I get the video of the performance on here. It's not a video from my cardboard camera... Someone from the school filmed it all for us. The performance was a take on the big deal syndication in the 80s of the opening of one of Al Capone's vault only to find an empty bottle and nothing else. This was really clever and fun. Video coming soon. Have a great weekend.