Friday, May 30, 2014

It's a Baby!

Yesterday I had my 12 week check-up with my doctor and felt pretty in the clear about finally being able to publicly say out loud that I'm pregnant!  If you regularly read my blog you may have seen me write about my struggles with this and my fears that I would never have a child. Being at the end of the first trimester has not made those fears go away but I feel much more confident about my progress.  For the past 12 weeks I have barely blogged because it felt so weird to not write about this huge thing that was dominating most of my life. I think I was in a total fog because it was all that I thought about.  All I know is that I spent that time laying in bed more than usual, eating the bare minimal of foods, watching my natural hair color grow longer and longer and wanting sushi more than I've ever wanted it in my life.
I made this huge announcement yesterday on Facebook and was overwhelmed by all the "likes" and sweet comments.  It was better than Facebook Birthday!  I struggle with FB because sometimes I really want to delete it but in moments like that it feels so good to have this community of people rally around you. Those moments are what make the site special.
I am still in a fog. I'm still worried about everything.  It's hard for me to work in my studio because I have such a one track mind right now.  I just want to sit in the sun and read.  It's the least productive I've been in a very long time.  I think maybe it's okay to let myself off the hook a little bit but I'm starting to get that itch in my fingers to make something again. I will hopefully pull myself out of this blur very soon and see what this new body and life will create.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fresh Start

There is nothing like the first sale of the season to make you second guess everything you are doing.  Yeah,  it was one of those days. But it's good. It is making me think long and hard about what I am doing and what I should be doing.  For the past few months I have had more on my mind than ever before.  I can't focus on anything.  The sale yesterday sort of snapped me out of it.  I feel a little lost and a little unsure of myself- a lot unsure of myself- but it's forcing me to think.  

I'm starting by cleaning this neglected space.  I sort of designated this as the "art space" in my studio as opposed to the "craft space."  We'll see what happens.  I wish I could wipe the whole slate clean and begin anew and really- I guess I can.

Wish me luck.

Friday, May 9, 2014

recipes from a girl who barely cooks.

i am not much of a homemaker as many of you know. if i won the lottery or... you know... just became very successful with my business and had so much money... but probably if i won the lottery... the first thing I would want is a personal chef. i kind of like to cook but mostly i don't.  so occasionally i come across a recipe that pulls me out of that lull.   usually it's something kind of odd that  i know i can't get my husband to make so i have to do it myself.

for instance, cookies made with avocados. you read that right.

please don't be turned off by this picture. the yellow tint makes it look like something from the 70s and most all desert recipe books from the 70s look entirely unappealing.  but these cookies are ahhhhmaaazzing.  i found the recipe on Smoothie Lover via pinterest.  i got drawn in by the promise of "healthy" cookies. i have a horrible sweet tooth so i am always looking for recipes that will satisfy that that but also act as a healthy alternative to the dairy queen blizzards i would eat every day if i had my druthers.  click on the smoothie lover link above for an in-depth recipe guide. it's very simple and only calls for avocado, coconut sugar, baking soda, dark chocolate cocoa, 1 egg, and dark chocolate chips.  if you are a grain free eater like  one of my favorite gal pals this will be the perfect recipe.  let me know if you make some. i guarantee they're the best.

okay so smoothie making is not exactly cooking but this one really packs a punch so it makes me feel pretty accomplished when i pour it into my cup.  this is an almond date shake that i found via LA in Bloom.  there is a video you can watch or the recipe is written out when you click the link. this shake consists of almond milk, almond butter, a banana, two pitted dates, a pinch of cinnamon and ice. it's making my stomach growl thinking about it! lately i have also been adding a handful of spinach.  the other ingredients conceal the taste nicely.  
 i hope you'll try one or both of these recipes.  make them both together and have a sweet, protein-packed power meal.

now i'm off to buy some lottery tickets. ( ;

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

daily routine

you guys are the best when it comes to support. whether you left a comment here or on facebook or told me in person i have felt a million times better about my new arrangement after hearing your encouragement.  last summer i was pretty uptight and worried all the time about what i was doing and whether i was making a mistake. this summer i'm a lot calmer.  i'm taking it one day at a time and am not suffocating myself with pressure.  thaaaaaaank goodness. 
i'm trying to set up a little routine for myself that includes working on art, working on crafts and getting in plenty of computer time whether i'm blogging or etsying or trying to catch up on the many amazing blog reads. this morning i fumbled my way through art time. that one's going to be a slow go as i try to figure out just what kind of art i want to make. i had a nice lunchtime break where i met my sweet friend paula and we walked one of the many paths in this town. we estimate that we walked 3 miles. well, we agreed to say we walked 3 miles and not question the accuracy...

and then this afternoon i did a little photo shoot with these new little garlands i made.  they are intended to be mail art that you buy and mail to someone else.  i think it would be a fun surprise to receive in the mail.  of course, you could also just send one to yourself.  everyone needs a treat now and then.  i plan on making many more but i wanted to get what was made in my shop. 

Happy Day

Happy Day 

I Love You

it's a girl
now i am debating whether to go holler at my college age neighbors who are sitting on their roof and yelling for whatever reason.  i'm trying to stay calm by telling myself they will be moving very shortly. very very very shortly.

hope it's quiet where you live.

Monday, May 5, 2014


youuuuu guyyyyssss!

i am unemployed... my friend robyn reminded me that i mean to say: i am self employed...

remember me last summer? trying to shop on a crazy budget, trying to keep my perpetually messy house clean, never buying new clothes, toiling away in my studio, making art out in the sun... it was the best... but it's also oh so scary... so many millions of changes to get used to.

i'm off to a slow start. since i'm writing here now you would have thought today was my first day off but no... i had all last week off, too.  i'm not sure what i did last week. i guess i took a pseudo vacation. i did not make any suppers. tonight i have a casserole in the stove!

i do have a temporary part time job that will start in june so it will be a little bit different from last summer.  not much but a little. meanwhile... i plan on killin' it at this self-employed thing.  i already added these banners to my shop:

be my baby

ur a fox

wild heart

so fly

i am also looking at instagram a lot. follow me if you'd like. sometimes i wish my blog could be on instagram.  i guess it can? i don't know.

supper time and last night's mad men.

kiss kiss.