Friday, May 30, 2014

It's a Baby!

Yesterday I had my 12 week check-up with my doctor and felt pretty in the clear about finally being able to publicly say out loud that I'm pregnant!  If you regularly read my blog you may have seen me write about my struggles with this and my fears that I would never have a child. Being at the end of the first trimester has not made those fears go away but I feel much more confident about my progress.  For the past 12 weeks I have barely blogged because it felt so weird to not write about this huge thing that was dominating most of my life. I think I was in a total fog because it was all that I thought about.  All I know is that I spent that time laying in bed more than usual, eating the bare minimal of foods, watching my natural hair color grow longer and longer and wanting sushi more than I've ever wanted it in my life.
I made this huge announcement yesterday on Facebook and was overwhelmed by all the "likes" and sweet comments.  It was better than Facebook Birthday!  I struggle with FB because sometimes I really want to delete it but in moments like that it feels so good to have this community of people rally around you. Those moments are what make the site special.
I am still in a fog. I'm still worried about everything.  It's hard for me to work in my studio because I have such a one track mind right now.  I just want to sit in the sun and read.  It's the least productive I've been in a very long time.  I think maybe it's okay to let myself off the hook a little bit but I'm starting to get that itch in my fingers to make something again. I will hopefully pull myself out of this blur very soon and see what this new body and life will create.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Unknown said...

Yay! I'm 13/14 weeks! We're preggo twins!

I also wanted sushi really badly, so I read up on it and decided to get some at this place I've been going for years that I really trust to keep everything fresh (and I also ordered a low mercury fish.)

It SO satisfied my craving and caused no harm! So if you have a place you trust, maybe you too can be sated! But I also enjoyed just getting some sushi wrap paper, cooking up some rice and making a homemade peanut sauce and making my own "sushi" rolls with that at home and some cucumber and carrots. Seaweed wraps have so much good stuff in them!

robayre said...

I'm so excited and happy for you guys!

Claire said...


anna said...

That is great news! Congratulations! And yes just take it easy & enjoy the whole process