Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Art Makin'

When I first started this blog I was in grad school working on my master's degree in printmaking. It was a place for me to show my processes and share the artists who influenced me.  I finally got that degree and ever since then I feel like I've been floating in outer space. They all warn you that when you get out of school you will feel lost but nothing can fully prepare you for just how lost you can get.  Since 2010 I've tried so many different things and tried to find the right fit for me. I'm still trying to find that fit. But somewhere along the way I put art making on the back burner and turned to crafts. Now I know arts and crafts can be done simultaneously but I wasn't doing that.  

With all these great changes happening in my life I feel like it's time to start falling back on my one true love.  Yesterday I pulled out my latest pieces of work that have been taking up space in my studio. I finally photographed them and got them all listed in my Etsy shop. I have also set up a small studio at my kitchen table where I can specifically focus on watercoloring and drawing weird little doodles over layers of flowers.  It's hard to get back into that frame of mind. It's not just throwing down some color on paper. It's forcing me to truly think about what I want to make work about and what it all means to me.  As I have gotten older the things that I love are evolving.  I still love balloons but I love flowers even more.   I wish I could decorate my whole house with beautiful crystals instead of the pez dispenser collections of my past.  It's interesting to make new work with a whole new collection of things that make my eyes purr.

So here are the pieces I just listed in my shop.  I'm excited to start focusing on this again.  I wish I could pretend it was 2010 all over again and I transitioned easily from grad school to every day art making.  Click on the images for details.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

You really create unique work with a "voice" of your own! I want to use words like cute and pretty, but it seems irreverent. We've "known" each other for quite some time now; I started my business in 2009 but it transitioned from being less about my own art and more about commissoned work lately. "things that make my eyes purr" :D I like that!