Monday, June 9, 2014

blog hop

my friend robyn invited me to participate in a blog hop.  every monday different bloggers share a post about themselves and what they are currently working on. i'm excited to participate.  robyn has been mentioned here numerous times and if you haven't taken a look yet i really encourage you to check out her blog here.  you can also find great work in her shop here.  

what am i working on?
some days i really don't know. since i found out i was pregnant my brain has turned to sludge.  before that i was making lots of crafty things but that has come to an unceremonious halt.  in the last couple of weeks i decided i needed to completely change everything up.  i even opted for a change of scenery and turned our dining room table into my studio (much to my husband's annoyance).  i have been making little watercolor doodles and am desperately trying to make something start to finish. i have piles and piles of papers that have starts. it's the finishing that gets me every time.  

here is a blurry image to prove to you i am doing something.

i am also making an attempt at creating softie dolls.  i have always wanted to give this a try so today i finally made myself sit down and see what i can do.  i'm learning as i go so this first attempt may be a little wonky.

and keeping it crafty... i made this commissioned sign recently and i would love to make more and more. this is up my alley.

2.  how does my work differ from others in it's genre?

i guess the best answer to this question is that it is made by me and not others. Robyn answered this answer similarly.  when i make crafty things it's easy to fall into the trends of what others are doing.  but i try to add an extra element that is very "me."  when i am painting pictures i create worlds that are my dream places.  i want them to be magical little places that you would like to get lost in.  others may make worlds that are their dream places but where mine has horse running through flowers with a girl wearing a bunny hat, their world may have a car driving around saturn's rings with dolphins spinning around the moon. everyone had their own interpretation of magic.

3. why do i create what i do?
because i love it. and even when my brain turns to sludge i'm still dreaming up things to make.

4. how does your creating process work?
it's nice having a studio at home because i can make stuff all the time.  there are definitely lazy days where i don't touch a single art/craft supply but trust me, the torment that happens in my brain is punishment enough. when i'm not working i feel so guilty.  but i wish i was more organized about creating. i get ideas for something and i hold them in my head until i finally make it, or make an attempt at making it.  there are people who can make notes in their sketchbooks and draw out designs or thumbnail sketches and i would love to be that way. it would make my "winging it" approach much easier and i may have a better chance at finishing what i started. i fantasize about completely cleaning out my studio and limiting the craft supplies i have. having too much stuff makes me feel overwhelmed and when i want to sit down and make something sometimes the possibilities are so endless that i simply cannot decide on what to work on. i don't know if that answers the question. i guess most of my creative process is on a wing and a prayer.

i have always wanted to make some sort of art work using this image of a plant i saw at the conservatory in chicago. it reminds me of the hill monsters i used to make:

thank you, robyn, for tagging me.

I am tagging:

jane ryder of flux biota
julie tillman of daily art challenge
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robayre said...

I can't wait to see how the softie turns out! Thanks for participating Ann.