Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rockford City Market

Last Friday I participated in a market in Rockford called the Rockford City Market.  I was with my dream team Robyn of Robayre and Courtney of Larking (who was there in spirit and merchandise but not person) and together we call ourselves the Lucky Penny Collective.  We are participating in a rotating booth as part of the Rockford Etsy Team.

I was excited about signing up for this show but I have to confess that in the days leading up to it I was dreading it.  Because I am pregnant I was really afraid of the physical work involved in setting up a booth.  I know I'm not completely helpless but I am also afraid of overdoing and putting this baby in any sort of harm.  I'm sure by my second pregnancy I'll be over it and carrying huge bins of stuff on each shoulder but for now I'm living life like I have bubble wrap over all over me.

So I worried. But it was all for nothing. Robyn was a huge help and her fella came along and saved the day by taking over when it came to the hard labor.  Overall it was a great day and the market itself was amazing and huge. I can't wait to check it out when I'm not tied to a tent.  I met lots of great people and found a new audience for my work.  And any day spend with Robyn is a treat. Courtney was out of town but we were happy to set up a table for her. She will join us in September when we do this again.

The worst part of the day? Besides using a porta potty? Right when we got into Rockford my power breaking decided to go out.  Well, I'm assuming that was what it was. I spent the whole day trying not to think about my potentially dangerous drive home (I was about 45 minutes away). By the time my car was loaded and I got in to drive home it acted like there were no troubles and I got home safely without a single problem. That was weird. Fingers crossed that everything stays that way.


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