Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Beautiful Party, the shop

Let me just start by saying Wow! These past few months have really flown by. I never realized being out of school would mean my life would skip by in a flash. I'm trying to find ways to slow down and smell any roses or flowers I find. The holidays just make things even more hectic!
How are you guys doing? I hope the holidays aren't too stressful.
I wanted to take a moment and spotlight on some of my own work. I am having a show soon and then I will have new work to add to my shop but I don't want to forget these oldies but goodies. I've been getting really excited about art again and am ready to fill my shop up with all new drawings and collages!
I had a very inspiring meeting yesterday that is getting me even more excited about art and teaching. Cross your fingers for me and I'll tell you more about that later.
Here are some pieces from my shop Abeautifulparty....

I also have a few vintage pieces. These are just a couple.

If you are doing any holiday shopping I will be more than happy to wrap anything you buy at no extra cost. I love making pretty packages so just convo me with your order and I will get it all taken care of.

My regular Dreamy Artful Couple feature will be back tomorrow, filled with extra dreaminess...
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dreamy, Artful Couple.

About a week ago I got to catch up with my friend Rachael Madeline at Cameron's BFA show. I was reminded of her dreaminess so I am very excited to do this weeks post on Rachael and her boyfriend Steven Bower.
I have mentioned Rachael many times before so she's no stranger in the Beautiful Party world. Her drawings and prints are romantic and nostalgic and melancholy and beautiful all at once. She's not afraid to make super large work but also makes small intimate art objects, too. I love her variety. Take a look here...
away we go

our grass stays green

detail of 'Here'

my sweet thing

sailor's lament

Air warning!

See more of Rachael's work here... Also check out her blog here.

I have not met Steven Bower yet but I'm sure he's just as dreamy as Miss Madeline. He makes photographs that seem both playful and ominous at the same time.

These are a series of photos Steven took of a model house he built. I love these. The series is titled "The House That S. M. Bower Built."
The House That S. M. Bower Built

The House That S. M. Bower Built

The House That S. M. Bower Built

The House That S. M. Bower Built

The House That S. M. Bower Built

Here are some other photos from different series....

Dead Boots #2 - He was a good man, and had good hands

It Was My Daddy's and His Daddy's-before and His Daddy's-before and His Daddy's-before, Five Generations of an Unlocked Door and a Loaded Burglar Alarm

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after

See more of Steven's work here, including images of the models he built for the photos.

Are you part of a dreamy, artful couple and you want to be featured? Contact me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

BFA Show, Cameron Cox

I'm back!
I'm still having camera problems but thanks to a good friend I was able to get these photos off my camera and onto my blog.
The weekend before last I traveled to Kentucky to see one of my best friends' BFA show and it really blew me away. I have not been able to see much of Cameron Cox's work since I moved away so finally being able to see her whole show and all of her art in one place was really exciting. I have always been a huge fan and admired her ability to make work that was all at once funny, sincere, nostalgic and beautiful.
As usual my camera and I fought while taking pictures so the quality at times isn't wonderful. I did, however, create a video of Cameron's work so you can see the video in her show and get a better idea of the installation. It's not very long and really worth a view. You will see Cameron in the video as well as other art favorites: Claudia Dishon, Meghan O'Connor and Rachael Madeline.

Cameron doesn't have a website yet but hopefully she'll get one really soon. Be ready to start seeing a lot more of Cameron Cox.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unintentional Hiatus

I didn't mean to go on hiatus this week but I was away all weekend and now I'm having technical difficulties with my camera. Last Friday night I got to see my best friend Cameron's BFA show and it was absolutely stunning. I'm dying to post pictures so hopefully I will get this camera thing taken care of. Yesterday's Dreamy, Artful Couple post didn't happen because I'm waiting to get some info back from a few dreamy couples so that will come shortly. Also, no house tours today due to said camera. It all feels like a big "wha whaaaaa."
However, if you would like your home or studio toured and we live to far apart contact me and maybe you can send me the photos. I am very lucky to live around so many great people who's homes are worthy of a view but I would love to expand out. Send your photos!
I don't want to leave you with nothing today. I've been meaning to write about this move for a while now. I recently saw the documentary October Country and fell in love. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw a review for it in Bust magazine. I would check Netflix constantly to see if it had been released yet. When I finally got the disc in I almost didn't watch it because I thought it would be really depressing and I just wasn't in the mood for that. I'm glad I gave it a chance anyway. The film follows three generations of a family who seem to be caught in a cycle of abuse. It is really sad but you also feel yourself really rooting for this family. They are smart and articulate and self aware. The New York Times wrote a really good review about the move here. It's worth a read. Consider seeing this movie. It's so great!
photo credit

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Someone's Else's Home

Hey! I'm back with a new house to explore. Remember Donald and Jessica from the dreamy, artful couple post? You've seen their art, now check out their home. They recently moved in together and now have a pretty fabulous apartment filled with ton of great artwork and collectables. I had so much fun taking photos while Jessica and Donald sat and caught up with Project Runway (bummer ending, huh?)
Here are the happy couple posing for a serious portrait.



I found some of my own art on the wall!







Or does he?










I made them take a break from Project Runway to answer some questions and draw some pictures. They offered me this Capri Sun. I think they were just being polite. I drank it in 5 seconds.
Click on the photos to make them larger and read what they wrote!

To see more photos inside Jessica and Donald's home click here.