Monday, November 1, 2010

Dreamy, Artful Couple.

Dreamy, artful couple time...
This week it's all about crushing on the coupleyness that is Hannah Campbell and Blake Sanders. I met these two at many printmaking functions but I got to know them the best the summer I was an assistant at Frogmans. They are one funny and talented duo and they are getting married in 2011 at the St. Louis SGC! Talk about dreamy...

So here they are...
The Best Picture Ever of All Time
They also put together some pretty amazing halloween costumes including this one from 2007.

Hannah is in her final year of grad school at Louisiana State University. She makes gorgeous prints and mixed media pieces with lots of wildlife imagery.
*General Shinseki
*The Collector
Whales in the Belly of Man: General Kensinger
Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, , from "Field Guide, Vol. II, Battle of the Belugas"
General Kensinger, from "Field Guide, Vol. II, Battle of the Belugas"
To see more of Hannah's work check out her Flickr page here.

Blake got his masters degree at Tulane and is now out in the world being an artist and teacher. Blake once told me my spirit animal is a chinchilla. I believe it.

I was unable to download images from Blake's flickr so I do not have much of his work to share but you should definitely click on this link to see much more by Blake.

Hannah and Blake work together under the name Orange Barrel Industries. You can like them on Facebook and check out their Etsy site.

And I'm sure they are registered somewhere if you want to send them a wedding gift....

Art love.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh oh I love the yellow bird drawings especially! <3

anna said...

very talented! That is gonna be a great wedding I can imagine.