Monday, November 15, 2010

BFA Show, Cameron Cox

I'm back!
I'm still having camera problems but thanks to a good friend I was able to get these photos off my camera and onto my blog.
The weekend before last I traveled to Kentucky to see one of my best friends' BFA show and it really blew me away. I have not been able to see much of Cameron Cox's work since I moved away so finally being able to see her whole show and all of her art in one place was really exciting. I have always been a huge fan and admired her ability to make work that was all at once funny, sincere, nostalgic and beautiful.
As usual my camera and I fought while taking pictures so the quality at times isn't wonderful. I did, however, create a video of Cameron's work so you can see the video in her show and get a better idea of the installation. It's not very long and really worth a view. You will see Cameron in the video as well as other art favorites: Claudia Dishon, Meghan O'Connor and Rachael Madeline.

Cameron doesn't have a website yet but hopefully she'll get one really soon. Be ready to start seeing a lot more of Cameron Cox.


Claudia said...

that exactly personifies how happy i am to see you, whenever i see you. That was such a good time.

Lauren said...

such great work! thanks for sharing it with us!