Monday, May 5, 2014


youuuuu guyyyyssss!

i am unemployed... my friend robyn reminded me that i mean to say: i am self employed...

remember me last summer? trying to shop on a crazy budget, trying to keep my perpetually messy house clean, never buying new clothes, toiling away in my studio, making art out in the sun... it was the best... but it's also oh so scary... so many millions of changes to get used to.

i'm off to a slow start. since i'm writing here now you would have thought today was my first day off but no... i had all last week off, too.  i'm not sure what i did last week. i guess i took a pseudo vacation. i did not make any suppers. tonight i have a casserole in the stove!

i do have a temporary part time job that will start in june so it will be a little bit different from last summer.  not much but a little. meanwhile... i plan on killin' it at this self-employed thing.  i already added these banners to my shop:

be my baby

ur a fox

wild heart

so fly

i am also looking at instagram a lot. follow me if you'd like. sometimes i wish my blog could be on instagram.  i guess it can? i don't know.

supper time and last night's mad men.

kiss kiss.


Unknown said...

Love the new work! And your photos are looking awesome!!!

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Claire said...

They look lovely!