Wednesday, May 7, 2014

daily routine

you guys are the best when it comes to support. whether you left a comment here or on facebook or told me in person i have felt a million times better about my new arrangement after hearing your encouragement.  last summer i was pretty uptight and worried all the time about what i was doing and whether i was making a mistake. this summer i'm a lot calmer.  i'm taking it one day at a time and am not suffocating myself with pressure.  thaaaaaaank goodness. 
i'm trying to set up a little routine for myself that includes working on art, working on crafts and getting in plenty of computer time whether i'm blogging or etsying or trying to catch up on the many amazing blog reads. this morning i fumbled my way through art time. that one's going to be a slow go as i try to figure out just what kind of art i want to make. i had a nice lunchtime break where i met my sweet friend paula and we walked one of the many paths in this town. we estimate that we walked 3 miles. well, we agreed to say we walked 3 miles and not question the accuracy...

and then this afternoon i did a little photo shoot with these new little garlands i made.  they are intended to be mail art that you buy and mail to someone else.  i think it would be a fun surprise to receive in the mail.  of course, you could also just send one to yourself.  everyone needs a treat now and then.  i plan on making many more but i wanted to get what was made in my shop. 

Happy Day

Happy Day 

I Love You

it's a girl
now i am debating whether to go holler at my college age neighbors who are sitting on their roof and yelling for whatever reason.  i'm trying to stay calm by telling myself they will be moving very shortly. very very very shortly.

hope it's quiet where you live.

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bryanne polacek said...

these garlands are beauty! and the gold tube! whew! you are nothing short of amazing.