Friday, May 9, 2014

recipes from a girl who barely cooks.

i am not much of a homemaker as many of you know. if i won the lottery or... you know... just became very successful with my business and had so much money... but probably if i won the lottery... the first thing I would want is a personal chef. i kind of like to cook but mostly i don't.  so occasionally i come across a recipe that pulls me out of that lull.   usually it's something kind of odd that  i know i can't get my husband to make so i have to do it myself.

for instance, cookies made with avocados. you read that right.

please don't be turned off by this picture. the yellow tint makes it look like something from the 70s and most all desert recipe books from the 70s look entirely unappealing.  but these cookies are ahhhhmaaazzing.  i found the recipe on Smoothie Lover via pinterest.  i got drawn in by the promise of "healthy" cookies. i have a horrible sweet tooth so i am always looking for recipes that will satisfy that that but also act as a healthy alternative to the dairy queen blizzards i would eat every day if i had my druthers.  click on the smoothie lover link above for an in-depth recipe guide. it's very simple and only calls for avocado, coconut sugar, baking soda, dark chocolate cocoa, 1 egg, and dark chocolate chips.  if you are a grain free eater like  one of my favorite gal pals this will be the perfect recipe.  let me know if you make some. i guarantee they're the best.

okay so smoothie making is not exactly cooking but this one really packs a punch so it makes me feel pretty accomplished when i pour it into my cup.  this is an almond date shake that i found via LA in Bloom.  there is a video you can watch or the recipe is written out when you click the link. this shake consists of almond milk, almond butter, a banana, two pitted dates, a pinch of cinnamon and ice. it's making my stomach growl thinking about it! lately i have also been adding a handful of spinach.  the other ingredients conceal the taste nicely.  
 i hope you'll try one or both of these recipes.  make them both together and have a sweet, protein-packed power meal.

now i'm off to buy some lottery tickets. ( ;

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