Wednesday, April 23, 2014

hot cakes again and again

my gal pal bryanne and i took to the kitchen recently and made a new batch of cakes.  danielle dobies, an art student, was doing a really cool installation about things you find on pinterest.  she asked different people to participate and make something from pinterest in either a serious way or a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.  danielle saw the first batch of cakes we made and asked us to make some for her show.
before we sent them off we did a sexy photo shoot with them on my kitchen table.  we think we are getting better at making perfectly imperfect cakes. i can't wait for round 3.  

 danielle's installation was so cool.  it really embodied the DIY aspects that make pinterest so popular.  funny side note... we never intended for our cakes to be eaten, they were for looks only.  they were made with real food but we made them three days before the installation and they were not properly stored.  at the end of the day when i checked in on the show all the cakes had been devoured! luckily it's been a few weeks and no one has complained of stomachaches.
 if you are on instagram you can find more pics of the installation by searching the hashtag #arendspinterestdiy.  for more information on danielle's work check out her website here.
check out bryanne's blog for more pictures of our cakes here.

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