Sunday, January 24, 2010

Summer Blues

We are almost at the end of January and winter is far from over. Lately I find myself dreaming of warm weather so much so that I can almost taste it. I want so badly a nice summer rain that slightly cools off a hot day. I want the way the sky turns gray but there is still some sun peeking out and you walk through the rain in bare feet and when it quits raining there is a fresh smell in the air. I want to eat dinner on a patio that is almost shaded by the sun but just enough peeks through to keep you warm. I want the warm feeling on my skin. I want the breeze that relieves you from the heat for a moment. I want large glasses of water that drip with condensation. I want to float in the ocean and let the waves rock me back and forth. I want that first feeling of cool pool water when you dip your toe in. I want to lay on a wet towel on hot concrete feeling both cool and hot at the same time. I want to live some place where I can feel this way year-round. I promise I'll never take it for granted. I promise to wear more sunblock.


CassieMarie said...

just think about having cocoa under a blanket with a hot boy. :) can't do that in summer!
just kidding! I want it to at least be sunny again soon! :)
Love the new layout too!

anna said...

Now you have dragged me into the Summer blues with you! Love your new lay-out!

hannah said...

Come visit Louisiana! It is already fairly warm and sunny!!