Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Artist of the Day

Today's artist is Valerie Lueth. When I first came to grad school several people told me I should check out her work. I was really into drawing rainbows at the time. I don't think my work has enough rainbows. I should re-investigate that.
Anyway, Valerie Lueth and her husband Paul Roden own Tugboat Press in Pittsburgh. Here are a few of Valerie's pieces and the last is a collaboration she did with her husband.


Adrienne said...

Valerie and Paul are AWESOMMMMEEEE. I finally got to meet them this fall. Turns out we had so many mutual friends it was silly that I hadn't met them already. Very sweet and wonderful. I have loved their work for ages.

Can't wait to see what your darling bf got you for your bday?!

flux biota. said...

didn't i see her in new american paintings. so small the pieces were (talkin' like yoda)

SARAH said...

Ooooh... I am really digging these! I'll be bookmarking their shop for sure. Thanks for sharing :D