Monday, January 11, 2010

Art Show!

My good friend Claudia recently asked me to be in an art show called The Hub-Bub Invitational. It's in Spartanburg, South Carolina at the Showroom and the reception is Wednesday night. If you're in the area please stop by. The info is here. Unfortunately I won't be able to go but I've been told it's a great show. The above piece, Hellcat, is one of the pieces I sent. Let me know if you are able to attend!

Today I start teaching. My class is tonight and I'm only a little bit nervous. The first day is usually pretty chill. Thursday is when we'll really get into things but I've done this all before so it shouldn't be too scary, right? I just hope my class is as awesome as it was last semester. I was so lucky. Cross your toes...

Don't forget to check out all the amazing shops at papernstitch. A new exhibition will be taking place soon.

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cabin + cub said...

Hope the class went well! How exciting! Also, thanks for the mention on your blog. ;)