Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Pet Peeve Tale

The image is an old piece of art from my undergrad days.

I wanted to tell a story. I try not to be a negative person but I find myself with so many pet peeves. Most of them have to do with manners so that's not too negative, right? Here's what happened to me yesterday.

I had a slip in my mailbox saying that a package was waiting for me at the post office. I waited until after the lunch hour to go get it because I figured the crowd would have died down by then. Apparently everyone else thought this, too because they were all there. The line was the longest I'd ever seen it. Whatever, I thought, I really want this package so I'll just wait. Then, these things happened that DRIVE ME CRAZY!!

First of all, I've noticed there are only ever two to three people working at once at the post office. That's a little annoying but I also realize that is the system they have arranged. It's not people being lazy and not wanting to work, it's government employees following the system that is set in place. This makes me not complain or grumble about so few employees, it's not their fault.

Okay now, back to what happened. An older lady comes in and immediately asked me if that was the line. I said yes. She starts complaining instantly... to me!! I just want to get my package, I don't want to complain. Then... and I'm sorry, this drives me crazy!... instead of getting in line behind me, she stands sort of next to me, like that's suppose to make the line go quicker. I have major personal space issues and get very claustrophobic when I feel crowded. Sure, I'm a bit neurotic but I just wish people could follow the rules and line up in an orderly fashion.

Then her husband comes in and hops in line with her, further crowding me even more. And they keep complaining and making fun of the fact that there are only two workers and how one will probably leave for a lunch break. I've already explained my sympathy for the workers so this was annoying me. Then! Her husband crowded me even more! And kept coughing! Like the deep gross kind.

Then! A girl standing behind them got a phone call and she proceeded to talk on her phone loudly. I never talk on my phone where a whole building of people can hear me. I don't want to force everyone to have to listen to my conversation. I felt pretty uncomfortable. And the couple behind me kept crowding me and coughing and complaining and finally! I couldn't take it anymore!! I walked away and never looked back.

Today I will try again. I just want my package. It has matte medium and lotion and yarn in it. These are all important things.

What's the lesson we've learned?

That's I'm completely, utterly neurotic...


Kim Strom said...

were you in France yesterday?

Mila said...

hehe, i fully understand your feelings. this happens all the time in The Netherlands too.

love your blog, dear.


A Beautiful Party said...

glad i'm not alone on this. ( :
and Kim, maybe if this all happened in France I wouldn't have been as mad. maybe?

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

:( I think everyone can relate to this...

Worst thing I've overheard was someone talking on the phone on a bus (so I couldn't walk away either). A man shouting: YES! I'VE BEEN AT THE HOSPITAL. YES, IT'S A TUMOUR AND THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO REMOVE IT.

cabin + cub said...

Oh I hate hovering people... I always feel like turning around and asking if they would like me to piggy back them, since they are so close. I bite my tongue though.

Vanessa said...

Personal space is a huge issue with me as well, I hate when you can feel them breathing on your neck! Arhhh

lisa butterworth said...

gah. i HATE the side standers! i also hate the stand too closers. hopefully your next PO experience will be better!