Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Conclusion

Image from my undergrad days...

It was fun yesterday to read everyone's responses to my pet peeve tale. Glad so many people could relate to my struggle. Maybe I'm not completely neurotic. Maybe I'm absolutely normal. Maybe... I have a great follow-up story to my post office adventures. I tried my luck again yesterday and was happy to see that the line wasn't nearly as long. As I waiting patiently I stood behind a charming couple who amused themselves with an ongoing narrative about the various stamps for sale. They were fun to listen to and a couple of times I had to hide my smile because I didn't want to be busted as the creeper girl who listens in on others' conversations and then they have to blog about how that is a pet peeve of theirs. Phew, I don't want to be a pet peeve. I don't want to be the old lady standing next to someone instead of behind them. Okay, maybe I am definitely neurotic. Just glad my post office tale had a happy ending.

Last night I received an amazing birthday gift from my boyfriend. Yes, my birthday was November 30th but he's been working non-stop on it since way before then. I didn't get a photo of it last night but will get one today. It's major!

Have a great Wednesday!

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missysue said...

LOL....I do that all the time! It's natural for me to hear people interact, I'm such a people-watcher that I can't help it, but years and years of practice have helped me not be the creeper girl, lol!

Happy Belated Birthday ;o)

love + luck + bliss,