Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Dreaming

Yesterday I got a sweet message from my friend Julie informing me that I had been included in her party themed Etsy treasury.  I was excited to my latest banner in such good company.

Hello, Let's Have A Party!

I haven't made a treasury in forever so this inspired me to put my own collection together. I swear I spent at least an hour trying to decide what the them would be. I went through so many Etsy pics and found so many new favorite products. Ultimately I settled on Floral Crowns with a few feathers and lace for good measure. I am so ready for Spring and these pics put me in the mood.
Flowers In Her Hair

By the end of the night I was happily informed that I had been included in another treasury, this one also Spring themed. 

United Spring

Yesterday I was sipping iced coffee and feeling like warm weather was just around the corner and today my coffee is hot and I am glumly watching the latest snow storm hit. What a difference a day makes. At least we can all pretend it's Spring with treasuries.

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