Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baby Fashions

Growing up I acted out like a typical art student and dressed in a way that some times went against the grain.  No, most times...  I think that I blend in a bit more now only because most of my clothes aren't held together with safety pins and I don't USUALLY wear several skirts layered up at once.  Still, I doubt I'll ever make the cover of  a Gap catalog.  In college my friends and I had so much fun with clothing.  We dressed for each other not in a way to make others envious but instead to have fun.  I still have fun with clothes though lately I'm limited to wearing whatever is quick access to the milk-makers. It's a little depressing not being able to wear what I want but I am making up for that by living vicariously through my babe's fashions.

When she was first born most of my newborn size clothes were hand-me-downs from babies who were not born in an Illinois winter.  I layered what I could and took a lot of joy out of the crazy combinations that came out of that.  I approached it the way I used to approach dressing myself - limited pieces, make it fun.

This is one of our better decisions.  The pants were put on before we remembered to button up the onesie so we went with it.  I would totally wear this.  Look, she knows she's cool.

This stripes/polka dot combo seems to be upsetting her.  She doesn't seem to know yet that mixing patterns is much more interesting and she should go with it.

This dress TEARS ME UP.  It's a hand-me-down and I could not wait to get Maybellene in this.  It is tacky in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.  The brand is Guess and it is very Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) if she created a baby line.  I would have worn this to an art opening - humongous hair bow and all.  So fluffy.  She needs some zebra print leggings to go with it but we unfortunately do not have any on hand.

And this.  This is my current favorite.  A certain family member may have called this tacky ( but I'm sure she really meant cute).  I totally want to wear leopard print pants all the time and I would if I was still in my twenties.  Something about being 32 makes me feel like my animal print days are over.  I love this mixed with a heart print top with a sweet deer on it.  It might be tacky but it is the very best kind of tacky there is. And Maybellene looks quite happy.

I hope Maybe and her gaggle of girlfriends have the same free spirit when it comes to clothing when she actually gets to pick what she wears.  I want her to have fun and express herself and be as tacky as she wants to be.  I may discourage her from wearing clothes held together with safety pins but only because they are a pain to launder.

As for myself.  My hair situation is killing me right now. My hair used to be pink and platinum and red and so many other colors.  It used to be short and wild and sometimes cut to look like a child got a hold of scissors and went to town on it.  Now it's long and dull and is mostly my natural hair color which I haven't seen since middle school.  Between postpartum  hair loss and tiny but fierce fists puling out chunks of my hair it is all a mess.  I have not had the time or money to get a decent cut but I finally figured out a solution.  I am channeling my hairstyle from the 90s and have two buns holding it all together.  It may sound silly but it makes me feel younger wearing it like this.  The 90s are coming back, right? Where are my tiny butterfly clips?!

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my last post. Y'all gave me so much encouragement and advice.  I feel a million times better and will try not to be so hard on myself in the future.

I think nap time is over.  Time to go pick out a new outfit!


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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Oh but you look so so cute! <3 And so does baby, of course! said...

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