Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where I've Been

Now that Im back at school I thought I would be back to a more regularly scheduled blogging time. Unfortunately that was not the case. I've been soo busy!  This is a new piece I've been working on.
I've been feeling very busy lately, a little panicky. I'm very worried about not getting a job this summer. I don't know how I'll live.  I'm close to terrified about it.  Next week is the printmaking conference. Luckily it's in chicago so I won't feel like I'm too far away. For some reason I just want to be close to home right now.  
I'm having a bad hair day, clothes day and face day.  It's dreadful.
Back to work.
OH! Check out the preview for Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore. I didn't have a ton of hope for the movie when I heard it was being made but the preview took my breath away. I hope it's as good as it looks. The originally documentary is soo great.  My friends and I all adore Edie Beale.
Okay, I'm going to go do something about this hair.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Lovely new work!!
What would you most love to do during the summer? How can you make money out of that?
Maybe you can work really hard on selling your art..?!
Now I'm getting panicky too.
Go AWAY panick, go away!

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CassieMarie said...

a) I love the new work!!!! It is beautiful! I may steal it when you aren't looking. :)
b) Bad hair/clothes/face day my ass! You always look stunning Ann!!

michele bosak said...

i like this new direction and adding physical human characteristics. it's a nice new melding of aspects i've seen in your various works before.