Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Show!

My Good Friend Joanna recently had her BFA show. Her work was so charming I have to share it here. It was a mixture of drawings, paintings and found objects with a little bit of installation. Joanna is a collector of old things and nostalgia and I think she shows it nicely in her work.

The piece above is a drawing of New Year's Eve hats her grandfather made for his sons to wear each year. The hats on their own were charming but this drawing makes them something else. Something even more magical.
And above this is a shelf showing Joanna's many collections. It fit in so nicely with her work.

Joanna's great Aunt used to run a summer camp and she recently came across a pile of old photos from the camp. There can't possibly be a better person to have those photos in their possession. Does that sentence make sense? What I mean is I'm so glad she has those photos because they have been a great influence on her. These flags she made were based on those.
And this window filled with buttons was quite a delight.
Here's me with Joanna at her show, drinking a PBR. I think Joanna looks like her work.

I love this piece called The Boat. It's made of a collection of old, found papers.And possibly the neatest part about the show was that she made names for everyone she's known since she moved here. Of all the people who came to the show, no one was left out. It was amazing how she remembered everyone. It was fun looking for names and everyone cheered when someone found themselves. I found one of my best friends' name and since she wasn't there I work hers and mine.

Joanna Goss is someone to keep an eye on. I know she's going to continue to do great things!

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