Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ghost Party

I had a show at Borders last Friday night and now my work is up for the rest of the month! It's exciting to have my work up on one of the busiest months of the shopping season. I wanted to title the show "Post-Grad Depression" but I thought that sounded, well, too depressing.
Most of the work has been seen in various other venues but I did have about five new pieces I made since I graduated. See! I am working!
Daniel Sherrill, who organized the event, took these photos. I snagged them.

I made doily wands with my info on them. They are sort of magical. There are also a few dolphin wands.

Things to do for the future:
1. Give my etsy shop an extreme makeover, minus plastic surgery.
2. Update blog more..
3. Teach a zine workshop.
4. Start making my own zines.
5. Apply to more art shows.
6. Quit complaining and start doing.

Okay, now that I've put that out there you must help hold me to this. I'll do my part, too, and actually do it....

This is the artist statement for my show if you are interested in learning more...

Ghost Party

Ann Flowers

I just graduated with my master’s degree and for the first time in twenty-four years I can no longer identify as a student. The structure that has been set up in my life for so long has just collapsed. I feel like I am watching more TV these days.

I am also drawing more. I fill up pages with funny dolphin stencils and doodles and glitter. The absence of school has given me the ability to start having more fun in my work and it feels much more honest now. The pieces are sad, funny, nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time.

I use sheet ghosts a lot in my work to represent my friends and myself. When I started drawing ghosts they were full-sheeted figures. I always thought sheet ghosts were the scariest kinds of ghosts. However, I eventually found myself identifying with the ghosts and realized they were my way of placing myself in these made-up fantasy worlds. The ghosts soon evolved and became fashionable girls that are still in search for their identity. As my friends and I all find ourselves at this place in our lives we rely on each other to figure out who we are and where we are going next.


flux biota. said...

i love you.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

What a great place to have a show! I hope you get a lot of exposure from it.

Lauren said...

these pictures are filled with lovliness. congrats on everything !