Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ever so often I will make a big announcement about a regular feature I will do on my blog and I imagine the reader rolling their eyes and saying..."sure, we'll see how long this lasts." And every time I think, no, I will really stick with this one. Then a few weeks go by and I realize I never did a second post. I don't know why I always set myself up for this. I think I earnestly want to be like the blogs that are so well organized with regular postings and features and 8 billion followers and sponsored giveaways that each time I suggest a regular feature my eyes turn to stars as I dream of blogging success. And then I can't log off of facebook or quit watching a new tv show on dvd. Then I'm too afraid to open up blogger because I know I have work to do and I'm afraid to read other blogs and be reminded of the work I'm not doing. Oh! It's a never-ending cycle.
That being said... Art2Love is back?
For now...
I have had Pepa Prieto's website booked for sometime now. I first discovered Pepa's work on My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses. I have kept this website bookmarked at the top of my screen so I am reminded to keep clicking on it. The colors and shapes and monsters remind me why I love art so much.

After looking through Pepa's work today it got me thinking about Megan Whitmarsh's work, another person who gets the creative juices in me flowing.

Wouldn't it be awesome if someday I was a famous artist and someone on a blog described my work as the love child of Megan Whitmarsh and Pepa Prieto? One can dream...


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Oh wow! These artists BOTH make me smile. Inspiring... I can't wait to make some art!

Guusje said...


Lauren said...

hurrah! thanks for the offer -- i'd love that opportunity! I'm honored since i always love the work you feature here -- a nd your work too! you can email me at cathedralanatomy at gmail dot com

Amelia said...

ah, dreams are good :) I love this work too. Here's wishing you a very mery christmas and a wonderful new year!



anna said...

Hi Ann, I just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!!

Sorry I didn't get back on your birthday post, I suddenly suffered from a big lack of inspiration myself, I hate those days :(. But I like your to do list, I'll definitely hold you to it untill you'll regret you ever posted it ;p.
But for now just relax and have fun :)

Leililaloo said...

Dear Ann, i wish you a merry merry christmas(for what's left of it anyway) and a very happy 2011

Dreams keep us going, i believe in dreaming BIG! :)))

Tanya Boracay said...

It so creative, beautiful art.

Just like to share with you a famous quote...

"The voice of parents is the voice of gods, for to their children they are heaven's lieutenants. " -- Shakespeare

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Knotted Nest said...

Fantastic pieces! Thanks for introducing me to these artists!

I totally understand the desire to have a set of features for the blog. I've tried a few times but they never stick. For me, it just becomes something I have to do...which is never very appealing.

Good luck with everything and all the best for 2011!