Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Old Year

Happy New Year!
I remember writing a post around new years last year and thinking what a weird year I had in store for me. The first part would be as a student and the last part would be as a grown-up. I had no idea how to imagine the end of the year. Though it has certainly had it's ups and downs I realize I'm a pretty lucky girl and I plan on making 2011 a wonderful year.
Any resolutions from you guys? Mine is to stop whining and start doing. With a year of ups and downs I feel like I've become whinier than I would ever wish to be. The solution? Just stop. Start fixing things and stop waiting for others to fix them for you. As I look toward the end of this year it is just as uncertain as it was last year but I resolve to work hard and no matter what, I will be happy.
Okay that's the plan. I also want to keep up with my blog more. I have let it slack a bit in the last few months. I'm so completely thankful for the blogging community I have found here so I feel like I owe it to the community to keep going and write blogs that people would like to read. I want to continue to share other people's artwork while also showing my own progress in my studio work.
Here is a sneak peak of art coming soon...
Go here to see an absolutely gorgeous music video with girls who knit in the belly of whales.
I miss my friend Cassie who always kept me inspired. Go here to see her fabulous tutorial.
happy 2011, yall!

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