Saturday, January 8, 2011


Luxie Bunny
I've been on a crazy cleaning spree today. I'm trying to make the living room like nice now that we have our new (to us) furniture. Also! I am able to upload my pictures again! Photography Success!
So I think the first photo I should post is Luxie Bunny hanging out in her favorite spot, her litter box. She likes sitting there. I think it's because the bunny litter is lavender scented. It makes her calm.
Hope you're able to sit in a calming litter box this weekend. Figuratively, of course.


Unknown said...

I'm sitting in my favorite litter box this weekend! LOL It's good to see a pic of Luxie Bunny on here! She sure is a sweetheart! :-)

flux biota. said...

my rabbit loves sitting where he pees as well. he's just that into himself, he loves his own smells.