Monday, January 31, 2011


My studio is a mess! Can someone come and clean and organize it for me? Every time I walk in I feel so overwhelmed. Here is my table:

But there are also quiet moments where it's clean and decorative like here:


and here:


I just linger in these moments until the hyperventilating stops.

Seriously willing to trade art for an organizing cleaner.


Josh Peter said...

Shelves! There are two of these book shelves in red at the Crate & Barrel outlet in Naperville as of yesterday on clearance. I want one for my studio. Also great are the little wall shelves from IKEA for about 10 bucks each.

Link to the C&B shelves:

anna said...

you know what? if you'll pay my ticket I'll organise everything for you :D

I know what you mean. Boxes and boxes are my (temporarily) solution..

Put on some music & good luck girl
(love the stuff you're having there)

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks, guys!
Anna if i could i very much would! ( :
and Josh, I will check out those shelves. thanks!