Monday, January 17, 2011


For Christmas I got my boyfriend this book. He's always been a great cook but following recipes has guaranteed we are eating healthier. Each night when he makes a new dish he proudly sits it on the kitchen table and asks if I plan on taking a picture of it. Here is a collection of some of the fabulous foods we've eaten. I wish I could take credit for these but they are all made by my boyfriend. He even washed all the dishes. What lucky world did I fall into??

Fajitas and Tortilla soup. I'm pretty sure we used vegetarian chicken in this and the white stuff is greek yogurt. The book calls a lot for greek yogurt. The soup was great but really spicy. The fajitas were amazing!
fajita tacos and tortilla soup

Chicken with mango salsa, sweet potato fries, mixed vegetables and baba ganoush. I wasn't excited to have chicken and I'm not a huge mango fan but this turned out really great. I have never liked sweet potatoes until recently. I've really tried to develop a taste for them because they are so much healthier than white potatoes. These were delicious! The vegetables were good but I think the cook got a little heavy handed with the ginger. I love ginger but think a little goes a long way. The baba ganoush is my new fave! It is made with eggplant and greek yogurt. It has several spices added in because the original version was a bit bland.
mango chicken, vegetables, sweet potato fries and baba ganoush
Beef burgers with baba ganoush and potato fries. We haven't had a beef burger in forever. We usually stick to turkey burgers. The chef was able to find some beef that was 99% fat free and locally raised so we were sold. The fries were made before we made sweet potato fries. They were good but I think for calorie's sake we'll stick to sweet potatoes from now on. And baba ganoush on a burger? Better than ketchup! We were out of buns so we put it on an english muffin. Extra healthy!!
hamburger with baba ganoush and fries
Chicken Enchiladas. These were so tasty! It was nice to eat something covered in cheese and not feel guilty about it.

If you love comfort foods but you don't like high calories try this book out. I love eating the foods that I crave without feeling like I need to work our extra hard after. Because, lets face it, I'm not really going to work out extra hard....
More food to come...

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Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Oh YUM! Those dishes look so good! What a great boyfriend! My hubby likes to cook too and it's such a treat. Lucky girls indeed!