Monday, January 10, 2011


I have a pretty important dinner meeting today that I am really looking forward to. I'm working on trying to teach my own zine workshop. I love zines so much I would like to teach others how to get involved. Do you make zines? Do you have any tips for a zine maker?
Remember that to-do list I made a while back? I'm finally tackling it. I have promised myself that 2011 will be my year.
In unrelated news this is a photo of a cubby in my bookshelf. Lately I've been really into crystals and geodes so I have started a small collection. And you can't have crystals without dinosaurs walking around. The wooden block on the left was made by Michele Bosak. The cylindrical object on the right is a handmade kaleidoscope made by Joanna Goss and Don Picton. The pink horse is made by Jane Ryder. My good friend Janey decorated the house box. Mother nature created all the rocks and crystals. The dinosaur has mysterious origins. It's a pretty exciting shelf!
Shelf Squares


anna said...

Hey good work..arranging a meeting, making a start with your list! Super! I made a start with making zines last year, although the one I'm making now is a bit serious, it makes me feel like a kid again:) I hope your meeting went well!

flux biota. said...

what a nice cubby. I'd like to participate in a through the mail collaborative zine.

I'll do the advice section.

Knotted Nest said...

Love your little collection! Have you seen Carly Waito's work? I think she does the most amazing paintings of minerals and rocks.