Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sarah Smith

I often realize how lucky I am to know so many amazing artists. They all inspire me to keep my own work up no matter how down I get about art making. That is why I am happy to have this venue where I can pass along such amazing talent and work.
I went to school with Sarah Smith. She was a couple of years younger than me. I first noticed her work when she won so many awards at our school's annual student art show. I was a bit intimidated by this new up-and-comer. Sarah has always had a wonderful way with taking photos. Now she is in grad school and continuing to shine. She recently made a webpage with all her work. You can see it here.
Here are some pieces from various sets.
I remember Sarah telling me about this carousel when it was just an idea. I was so excited to see it. It certainly has not disappointed. Isn't it beautiful?
The next four photos comes from a series where Sarah was re-creating her childhood photos.

This photo is from a series about Sarah's Dad.
I believe the following pieces are a new series Sarah has created in grad school. Gorgeous.

Visit Sarah's site for much more beautiful work!