Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cake Art

Remember Myspace? Anyone still use it? Sometimes I wish I didn't delete my account because it was a great way to find contemporary artists. I remember being friends with someone on there who went by the name Cake. We wrote back and forth a few times, she was really sweet and made awesome work. After I got out of myspace we fell out of touch. Recently I was thinking about her and wondering what became of sweet Cake and her fabulous work. Finally I found her website and am excited to see that she is still making great things and doing really well. Her real name is Stephanie Homa and she is currently living in London. Her site is filled with fabulous goodness. Here are a few examples of her work. Go here to see more though a few pieces may not be safe for work. Mostly not safe if your boss is looking really close at your computer screen. Otherwise go ahead and click that link.

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flux biota. said...

these are amazing. the made me drool on my keyboard.