Monday, August 22, 2011

More Crafting Goodness

I'm back with a few more images of my crazy crafting weekend.

On one of my walls I had a cluster of art but it was starting to drive me crazy. Frames kept getting bumped into and nothing ever hung straight. I finally took them down in a mad fit and immediately filled these wooded looms with fabric. I've seen this done a lot and thought it was the perfect and cheap way to decorate. And, they are circles, you can't tell if they have been bumped.
This wall is definitely a work-in-progress but this is the start.

Craft Wall

I also made a couple of paper flowers. This will go well with the fabric loom wall. It was really easy to make. Click here for a tutorial from A Subtle Revelry. It's crazy how many blogs there are out there surfing around on the web. I could spend full weeks just reading them all.

But instead I'll spend a couple of hours and then get back to crafting.


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Rachael Bower said...

I wish my only job was to craft. Maybe one day in our fantasy print-mackin' subdivision, there will be...