Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I love!

Okay, recap on the new things I love:
Sea Creatures

And now... Jell-O!

Remember forever ago when I talked about this book I had? See it here: Jell-o Post

So obviously jello (is it okay if I don't put the hyphen between jell and O? it just makes typing awkward...) molds are not a new thing I love but I recently renewed my interest in them when I found this book in my studio.
I love their shapes and how clean and sleek they are. They are like art deco. There is something so decadent about them. Once I am done drooling over these images I may look up the history of jello.
I sort of thought it would be interesting to take this book and make every recipe in it, like the Julie/Julia project. Jello is way cooler than french cooking, right? I'll let you know if I start doing this and of course will document everything.
Meanwhile, check out these pretty pictures:

This is part of a competition. See more here.
This mold makes me want to die and come back to life and die again. I love love love it. The next two pics both come from The Joys of Jello blog. The writer may have already beaten me to the punch on the jello making idea.

Me oh my I died again. Get the recipe here.

Actual jello molds are so beautiful, too. I would decorate my house with this. Buy it here.When I last went to Art Chicago I saw the work of an artist who made beautiful jello molds. She/he waited until they actually molded and then took gorgeous photos of them. I did not manage to write down this artist's name. If you have any idea who this artist is please please please let me know. The photos are beautiful!

So long!


anna said...

That sounds like a superfun project!!

flux biota. said...

I heard jello is made from hooves. is that true?

Tessa said...

Damnit, you're obsessed with Jell-O too!? I got a copy of the 'New Joys of Jell-O' back in May. It's beautiful! Anyhow, Jell-O has become a major force in my work now and I think we should start a Jell-O Artist League or something...