Monday, November 10, 2008

Jell-o Mold


I mentioned in a previous blog that I went to several antique/thrift stores the other day. One of the amazing things I found was this book on Jell-os. I admit I don't love to eat Jell-o but I love the many things you can do with it. I'm tempted to quit making drawings and prints and work strictly in Jell-o. The molds are both silly and beautiful.

I love this book because it shows different kinds of parties and events where Jell-o is a great idea for a dessert. Like this nice couple who probably live in the suburbs. They brought a charming round mold that matches their clothing.

But Jell-o isn't just for the suburban family dinner party... These cool sophisticates also enjoy Jell-o. It's for everyone!

I love how the party above is so dedicated to Jell-o that all their dishes are Jell-o dishes and the lady's clothing even coordinate well with dishes. Okay, I know it's obviously set up for the book but I really really want to believe that the image came first, not the book. Maybe this party really happened and that's what inspired someone to write a book about Jell-o. Let's all hope...

See that awesome pink mold in the bottom right corner... I will make it my business to find that mold and make that same dish. If any readers find the mold let me know where it can be purchased. I'll check eBay of course but what else?

This blog does not make me walk away craving Jell-o. Maybe it will for you. But I do feel like my eyes have filled up on beautiful eye candy. Hopefully you feel that way, too!


Cassiemarie said...

Now I have to find these recipe cards that I found at the thrift store to show you! They have jello dishes with vegetables and other totally disgusting things in them. The most disgusting one is a chicken salad jello. It gives me the shivers!
Also, my mom is afraid of jello, no kidding.

Pony and Foxy said...

I inherited a similar book from my grandma when she passed away a few years ago. I’ve been enamored with the amazing pictures of veggies suspended in jelly. It really doesn’t look at all eatable though. I look forward to you posting a picture of one of your molded creations.

A Beautiful Party said...

I can't wait to start making these even if it's just for images for this blog. Maybe I'll have a big dinner party and force my friends to eat all the jell-o creations. Meat and potatoes suspended in jell-o!

Michelle C. Moode said...

wow. swingin' 60s jello parties. this makes so much sense, ann.