Monday, November 17, 2008

Balloons and Rainbows

I recently re-discovered some old drawings of mine and I think it's funny that some things seem to never change. Not only did I draw on fabulous rainbow stationary, I also seemed to have a thing for drawing balloons over and over again. Notice how they are always in sets of threes. Those are some design skills!
These drawings were made when I was three years old.  
Now I'm twenty-five and I can't say my work has changed much at all.  I'm still drawing balloons, still using pink and blue and still looking for any kind of awesome rainbow stationary!


Leililaloo said...

These are drawings to treasure! You had talent then already :)

Jennifer Hugon said...

This is terrific. I love children's art to begin with, but I really can see your style and sensibilities in these. Too fun!

bluwindow said...

I loves it

Michelle C. Moode said...

fantastic find! yes, we've always been who we are.

or something.

its too early amd i don't know how to silkscreen anymore, and its ruining my day already.