Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Etsy Feature Wednesday!

So I've still been a little M.I.A. in blogland. I've been trying to catch up on everything in life including reading all my favorite blogs. My awesome houseguest left yesterday and I was terribly sad to see her go but my tears soon dried when Obama won the election! Can you believe it? I'm afraid to think about it too much and it turn out to be a dream. I feel the intense energy that's being put out all around the world and it feels good. I'm exhausted today but so happy I can't even complain. I won't even yawn. I swear I won't.

But I realize today is Wednesday and I'm very excited to present this shop to you. It's another shop I found almost immediately after opening my own shop and I loved the work so much.
Pinkshirtsncarwrecks is a neat shop that has an assortment of art and vintage goods. There aren't a ton of items in the shop but what is there is nice quality. I love collage art and this is a good shop to find it.

You can learn more about Pinkshirtsncarwrecks on their blog here.

This shop is so awesome. Go take a look, give it a heart, and have a great day!

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