Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visiting Artist Mark Hosford!

The past weekend has been busy busy. But the delightfully busy kind. We had a visiting artist in our shop and the printmaking students helped him pull an 18 color silkscreen print. I've been a fan of Mark Hosford's work for a long time so it was a real pleasure to meet and work with him. I was able to learn screenprinting tips that will save me tons of trouble. He's an amazing artist with beautiful work and wonderful stories. Check out his site here. Make sure the sound is on your computer. As soon as I get my photos uploaded I'll put them on here. We have some great ones of all of us working and then destryoying the bad prints in the end. We told Mark we were changing the word Art to Mark because he's the greatest Art!
Mark is a printmaking professor at Vanderbilt and I got the image off the Vanderbilt website at:

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