Thursday, November 20, 2008

thank you thank you

Here's another of my favorite birthday party photos. This is a family photo. My mother is the cute little baby on the left side that looks like she's anxious for cake and balloons. My uncle is the smug little boy on the left with the suspenders. He's my father's brother. There may be other cousins or relatives in the photo but I haven't been able to identify them. This is my absolute favorite party photo. Look at the balloons! And the party dresses! Don't you want to be there?

I want to thank everyone for the great comments I've been receiving on my posts. It looks like I'm getting some new readers so Welcome welcome! I've also received a few blog awards and tags and am anxious to get to those but today I'm a little strapped for time because I'm getting to the studio so late and need to get some plates etching and some drawings started. Tomorrow may be a little easier to slow down. Today my morning was filled with waffles and crossword puzzles and a little sample of Joan Baez music and it was quite delightful. I hope th rest of my day is just as nice. And yours too...

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