Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the Theme Is Birthdays...

A friend of mine found these old photos and gave them to me because I have a current obsession with old birthday photos.  Since this month is my birthday month I thought I would share these.  For my birthday I really want to have an old fashioned birthday party where everyone dresses in their Sunday best and doilies are laid out on the table and fancy balloons and streamers decorate the place.  But instead I'll be flying back to Illinois on my birthday and I don't think I can get the airport to do anything special. So instead I'll reminisce with other people's memories. 
These two pictures are unrelated but I think it would be so magical if they were the same person.  I wish I wish I wish....
Most of the photos I have are are family photos but it's my new favorite thing to look for at antique/thrift stores.  I'm thinking about doing a print series with the images.  More on that in the future.
Happy happy birthday to anyone. It should be your birthday everyday, minus the aging.

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