Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Etsy Feature Wednesday

I just recently posted in the Etsy forum about my weekly feature and had many people respond for consideration. It was so hard choosing a shop for this week because there were so many great responses but this shop has been a favorite for quite a while. BritishCreamTea is a shop filled with yummy delicous felt treats. I love how beautiful food can look and when it's made of felt it can last forever.
There are many many items in the shop and they are all made from recycled felt. Since it's birthday party month for me I definitely have my eye on the cupcake.
I just discoverd the blog for this shop and I'm very excited to start reading. Look for it here.
Happy Hump Day.


the Yellow Elephant said...

I've checked the site out, SO SWEET!
Dearie, I've given you an award. Check out my blog, because it's there it is...

Jennifer Hugon said...

Adorable soft stuff! Thank you for sharing and feeding my addiction for sweets and plush!

afiori said...

Those look so tasty it's almost unfair.

You have been tagged! (please do not worry if you don’t have time etc… Thanks!)

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Freedom said...

That cupcake is very, very cute.
I found your blog from your post on indiepublic... adding you to favs!