Friday, November 21, 2008


Maria-Thérèse Andersson at afiori tagged my blog and asked me to write eight things about myself and tag eight others to do the same. Lets see how this goes...

----------8 things about me---------

*I'm originally from a tiny town in Kentucky that is dry (no alcohol) but has bootleggers in the trailer park. It's like prohibition without all the cool jazz clubs and hip clothes.

* I love the cool, crisp sound of ice popping in water and also love it when someone's voice sounds that way. It gives me chills.

* I draw ghosts but I don't think I've ever seen a ghost and I never want to see a ghost but I kind of want to see a ghost... follow?

* I can't stand the sound of a chain rattling.

* I'm afraid of the dark.

* I may like hearing ice pop but I absolutely hate hearing people chew ice. It gives me chills so bad it takes my breath away.

* I tend to make up stories for a lot of people I see and they are often terribly sad stories that leave me depressed for the rest of the day.

* I have had a cold for the past three months. It won't go away!

And now to tag eight others:

A Fanciful Twist
Jennyfur's Sketchbook and Oddities
Millions Of People Happy
The Crochet Bakery
Local Monster
The Yellow Elephant

I also received this awesome Blog award from The Yellow Elephant. I'm suppose to pass it on to five other bloggers. With so many great blogs it's hard to just choose five.

afiori- she keeps a great blog and is always so kind and encouraging of my work. Thank You!
inside a black apple - I've always loved this blog. Emily Martin's work is beautiful and she's a neat person.
aesthetic outburst- A definite favorite and Abbey Hendrickson is an amazing artist.
the Adventures of Cassie - a classmate and friend, her work is so beautiful.
Paper and Stitch -a beautiful blog and they do so much for the indie art community.

Okay. That was hard. I think i distributed out awards and tags to great bloggers but there are many many more blogs that i love love love. another day...
have a good friday!


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Ah! Thank you for the tag!

The sound of people chewing ice drives me into tiny fits of rage... I empathize.


caroline said...

Thank you, dear! I will do the tag when I get the time.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

:o I got an award??!! Thank you!
What do I do now?
Do I need a fancy dress? Do I give a speech? You know I want to :-D

Thank you for your kind words and your 8 things!