Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Things To Look At

Yesterday I had the day off and spent it as creatively as possible and took pictures along the way.

First of all, check out this bunny. I have had Luxie nearly a year now. I should have a birthday for her soon. What do you get the bunny who has everything?


Over the weekend I worked on these small tissue paper pom poms and used them to decorate Lux's cage. Since her space is a bit of an eyesore I thought I could do something to make it prettier.

I also decorated these little corners of my world, too. Notice those rocks from a recent photo shoot?



I worked in my studio for a while...


and did this.


I made these, too. I love these little plaques and want to make more. Maybe instead of photos of rocks I'll draw my own.


Now I'm off to work. There is coffee that needs to be served.

Have a great day!


anna said...

Looks like a good day :)!

Rachael Bower said...

I'm loving the new watercolors! You're my inspiration!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Sweeeeet stuff!
I think you should also give your bunny a tiara.

Amelia said...

love these pics and what you've been up to! Am having a little catch up. I remember buying a piece of yours when the time was near to graduating and now I am finding myself in a similar position and finding ways to launch a fundraising campaign linked to my own art! Its scarey but fun!

And for the bunny who has everything - what better than colourful pom poms - love it!


lauren carney said...

your bloggy blog is sugar, spice and everything nice!
many compliments your way for all the overt loveliness compact into your page!

merci! x

Hannah said...

Love those gem plaques.