Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Garlands Galore!

I was just getting ready to post pics of my banners and garlands hanging up at Cracker Jax when I noticed the Your Are My Fave blog in my feed with a DIY for making a Christmas garland. I love the white on white for the letters. I have been wanting to make banners and garlands out of fabric but haven't quite figured out what to do or how. This really helps a lot. Neat-o!

Here are my banners up and for sale at Cracker Jax. I couldn't be happier with how they look up on the walls. Because I was way too afraid to climb that high on the ladder my very sweet boss Bryanne did all the scary work for me on my day off. She sent me pics and I almost cried. I hope I don't sound braggy because I promise I'm not. It's just so excited to see your stuff out of your house and on a new wall. I hope people like them and want to throw one hundred beautiful parties and decorate with them!

wordy banners!

metallic banners!

Tassel banner!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for making fabric banners. I really want to make fringed fabric ones but am at a loss on what kind of fabric or trim to get.

Have a wonderful day!


CassieMarie said...

These are so neat! Lovely!

For fabric ones I would use plain colored flannel - it doesn't really fray easily and is easy to cut. For the edging I would use fold over bias tape. I've used this method for making bunting before and it turns out wonderfully. Hope that helps.

Lastly, I miss your pretty face! :)

flux biota. said...

i've never been asked to wake up in such a colorful way.

I'll bet that one sells fast.

You Are My Fave said...

These look awesome! Party time.

bryanne polacek said...

SOOooo lovely, ann. your photos are just beautiful. i wish these were my eyelashes :)

A Beautiful Party said...

Thanks to all of you for the sweet comments. Maybe I should consider a line of garland eyelashes...
Cassie, the flannel is a great idea, I will look into it!

anna said...

These banners really make me happy! I'm sorry I missed your birthday (it's been crazy here): happy belated birthday! 29 is such a lovely age :)

madhavi said...

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