Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Age

I didn't mean to turn 29 and never blog again. The time really got away from me. Christmas time in retail is a crazy busy time. It's a fun time, too. I love wrapping Christmas gifts, especially now that I have finally learned how to fold the paper on the sides. It seriously took me 29 years to figure it out.
I've also been keeping my hands busy at home. More and more jars are being made with little animals resting on top. I seem to go to the craft store daily. It's sort of been a relief to dive in head-first with crafting. Putting my Fine Art work to the side for a while has eliminated some stress. Yesterday I had the day off and my boyfriend and I went out-of-town to do some shopping and have a sushi dinner. I never used to be able to give up a free day to do something like this because I always felt guilty for not being in my studio. I think I am finally finding a way to balance it all with free time to spare. It just means less tv watching. Finally! I'm watching less TV. I still think I have my new job to thank for all this. I come home from work and feel inspired and just want to keep moving. Unless of course it's after a long Saturday. Then I just want to curl up next to my beau and watch anything that doesn't require thinking.
This post is a bit scattered. Maybe because my coffee is kind of week this morning. Hope your holidays are playing out well and are not stressful at all. Eat a piece of fudge and say out loud one thing you are thankful for. It helps burn calories.
Here's the corner of my home that keeps evolving. I could stare at this spot for hours. Just got that Bunny head at Anthropologie. Be still my heart...

Corner of my home.


Rachael Bower said...

Ann, I always look forward to reading your blog. In fact I was just checking for new posts this morning! Thanks for being my art crush. Love and miss you, Rachael

bryanne polacek said...