Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Messy Studio Means Working Studio

Remember when my studio looked like this? Well that was pretty short lived.


This is the state it's in now. But you know what? That just means I've been using it. I used to get in trouble in school for having a messy studio space but all the clean spaces belonged to people who never came to the studio. So I take this as a sign of studio success!


I've really been wanting to make a terrarium for a long time now. I've seen a lot of cute ones lately but I've been so perplexed on how to create one that is my own idea. My friend is making cutie ones in teacups and a very creative lady just brought some sweet ones in to the store that are in old salt shakers. So what is a girl with absolutely no green thumb supposed to do? Paper terrariums! I'm working on combining leftover banner paper and little odds and ends like dinosaurs and feathers and jewelry bits and making my own version of a terrarium. I'm still playing around with the materials right now and think I need to figure out a way to glue the pieces in so it can be permanent but here is a sneak peak.

Paper Terrarium

I also got out my digital camera and played around with photography yesterday. I've been wanting to take photos of my rocks and crystals so I'm just experimenting right now with space and light. They are kind of fun.


I'm finally putting these gold toy animals to work...






Gold Horse


I can't wait to see how these pictures print out. I think there is more photography in my future.

What are your studio projects?


Jessica Robles said...

yes!!! love the photos!

flux biota. said...

stay gold, ponyboy. I love the golden animal shots. nice, ann.

bryanne polacek said...

oh man! i love all these. i want a print of that last photo.

Hannah said...

Let me know if you want some air plants for your terrarium. They fall out of the oak trees here. I've seen people selling them on etsy for lots of cash money, but I can mail you some for free!