Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday and Other Trivial Things

 I'm writing this post on the business end of thirty.  It's crazy to think how many years I've been keeping this blog and how much I have changed. And how much has stayed the same.  I'm grateful for where I am that's for sure.
I celebrated with a cookie. My favorite from the grocery store. My sweet husband fancied it up for me.

This is the day after 30.

I got so many sweet gifts. Here are a few. My friend Janey knows how much I have wanted a horse ribbon. She's been holding onto this one for a while. (Those beautiful wall hangings were a wedding gift from my sweet boss.)
I got these charming balloons from my manager at work. She's a dear friend who knows how much I love heart shape everything. Especially balloons!

On a completely different note while I was uploading my pics I noticed these old pictures on my computer. These are from when I first took these banners into my work for consignment. I have been thinking about making more banners lately. I have been a little bit restless in my studio because there are so many things I want to do but can't get myself organized and focused. 
What's been on my mind lately is figuring out who my customer is.  I know so little about the business side of things. I just make and make and make but I don't know how to go about making the most of sales.  Any advice? I will happily read/listen to it all!

I hope you're doing well on the path to the holidays.  XoXo


Unknown said...

I still think we should team up. I've been contemplating many of the same ideas all weekend. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on etsy these weekend, wondering if I should open up a store, but then I also wonder if it'll just be a waste of money and time, when I can't really afford to waste either...

Unknown said...

Also, have you checked out ugallery? That might help you reach a different audience.

A Beautiful Party said...

Carrie, I think we should team up, too. Safety in numbers!
I will look into ugallery. Thanks for the advice. ( :

robayre said...

Ann, I just saw this book review for Market Yourself, and thought of you and this post since you said you have been thinking about who your customers are. Also, as it turns out, the post is also a giveaway, so if you share a link of the post online than you can enter to win it as well.