Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not Summer, Bummer

I have been gone for so long I cannot even remember what I have already said here. I was uploading pictures of these galaxy boxes and it dawned on me that I already showed these here. Well... here they are again?  I'm trying harder to take better pictures.  I think I need to set up a space in my house that is dedicated to product photography. This was my first go at it.  The problem is the deer are so cute it may be too distracting from the box.

 Inside is a world of mystery and glitter.
 How are your holiday preparations? I wish Christmas was in the summer. Everything is slower in the summer so maybe Christmas would be, too.  You could sit outside and open presents and drink Christmas lemonade.  I bet that's how Christmas goes down in the warmer climate areas.  Winter could be used for hunkering down and enjoying the snow and shorter days not spent running all over the place trying to buy gifts for everyone you have ever talked to.  Just an idea. Summer Christmas 2013!

Anyway. I finally learned how to make a dream catcher.  I wrapped some metal circles in fabric and then literally hemmed and hawed around it for about two days.  I watched this charming video over and over again of this crafty gal who did a step-by-step on dreamcatchers.  The video was so comforting, like hanging out with your Grandma while she makes you tea and teaches you how to wrap thread around a metal circle.

Finally I felt like I was up to the challenge.
 This is the first one I made. The webbing did not turn out right but I liked it anyway.  It almost looks like a spider so I guess that's neat.  I made a completed one but did not photograph it.  I will make more and more and more and more.
 Here are my newly organized supplies.  I obviously organized all this because I was procrastinating doing something for real.
I think I self-sabotage a lot. I had a photography teacher tell me that once. He said I'm so afraid of making bad work that I'll just go ahead and make bad work.  It's totally true. Or I just won't make work.  It's stupid and kind of childish.  I'm seriously ready to change that about myself.
How many times have I said that here?
But seriously. I'm ready.
Happppppy Holidayssssss.

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