Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Angie Zielinkski

A while back I had a long talk with a former professor of mine. I may have already talked about it here but the talk has stayed with me and I try to work out all the different thoughts and ideas.  I was and am struggling with balancing my "art life" post school.  Who isn't?  I thought I was prepared for the post school feelings but you really can't prepare until you are in the thick of it. I have had a lot of trouble with balancing my time because I feel like I should be making craftier things (commercial things) that I can sale and it's hard to give the time it takes to make a drawing or a painting.  I feel like my chances for being an artist (non-commericial) are over and that is depressing. I know that doesn't have to be true but it is definitely feeling further and further from my grasp.

A friend of mine showed me this artist and I have been thinking a lot about her work. She takes the every day things that I love like party supplies and makes them into these beautiful art installations.  Seeing this really got me excited and made me realize there are ways I can combine all the things that I love and it doesn't have to be so "this or that."

These are works by Angie Zielinski.  I really encourage you to check out her website here for more amazing images.  Her artist statement was reading my mind. She talks a lot about enjoying the glittery ephemera of landscapes and the decorations used to garner attention.  The first time I saw her work it took my breath away.

I love how her drawings and paintings are evocative of the installation work.  It makes me realize I can use the craftier things I'm making as subjects for drawings.  All of the things I am doing can coexist.

Finding Angie Zielinksi's work has made a huge difference in my studio practice. I'm still struggling with time management but I definitely have the drawing itch so I will have to find the time to slow down and make this happen.

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Katie Drum said...

Love this post Ann...I think all ex-art students struggle with this. Especially with trying to find that "balance" How to juggle your day job, pay your bills, still be an artist, and trying to have success at it. Do you go more commercial in hopes of selling more or do you just be your crazy, unique self and find your niche? You just can't ever give up! I love Angie Zielinkski's work too.