Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stories and Pictures

Goodness I have been away for so long! It was mostly unintentional. Yesterday I kept writing blogs in my mind but at the end of the day I realized I never actually made it to the computer. I wish I could blog every day and really do try but I get so busy. And my computer battery is pretty much dead. That may have a lot to do with it. I hate worrying about details like plugging the computer in...

I was uploading some pics of what I have been doing lately and I came across this weird grainy photo from my old apartment. The colors caught my attention because I am excited to say it's time to start wearing these clothes again! Last night I wore a denim jacket over a maxi and it was too warm! Too warm!  Finally the sun is cooperating with Spring and flowers are growing and leaves are showing up for the party. I promise promise that in a couple of months I will not complain about how it's too hot. I promise.

These bunnies are stealing my heart. They are still working on their friendship but it is getting better every day.  I can't wait for the day when I see them sitting like this because they did it on their own and weren't forced to lay next to each other on my husband. He is a rabbit whisperer.
 Last night we got the best treat while we were sitting outside watching the rabbits play. A little yard rabbit showed up and took quite an interest in Maxi and Rue (not pictured).  The rabbits didn't know what to think of this little visitor, they were on high alert.  I stayed close by and gave all three rabbits a carrot in hopes that they would enjoy their snack and get to know each other but they weren't interested in eating.  Finally yard bunny hopped away and calm was eventually restored.

Saturday I went to a beautiful open air market and picked up some doilies and this little train case.  We also stopped at an Estate Sale. The only thing that caught my interest was this little sea urchin and the lady gave it to me for free!

In my studio I have been working like crazy.  Yesterday I decorated balloon sticks all morning and spent the afternoon making little pom poms. I got together with some crafting gals last night and while we talked about anything and everything I made tissue paper tassels and ate cookies and lemon bars.  That's my kind of crafting.

Remember how my studio looked so nice not that long ago? Now it looks like this again. It's a little bit because of some flooding we got but mostly because I cannot take a few minutes to clean, I'm too eager to keep making stuff.
This was the other thing I did yesterday, I gave these little bears a bath.  Aren't they sweet?

Be sure to check in with my giveaway. It has been fun reading about the projects you guys are working on.  Sign up to win a dreamcatcher here.  This giveaway is for those attending Nada Farm but there will be a giveaway later that will be open to everyone.

These two gals are part of Nada Farm this year and I can't wait sale my goods along side of them.  Check out their wonderful blogs (she always loved) Larking and Robayre.

My friend Rachael has re-designed her blog and given it a new name. Go here to see what it is.

Have a great day today. I hope you can soak up some sunshine wherever you are!


Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

I love it when FINALLY your clothes are too warm! :D Happened one day last week but then we were back to really cold weather... But at least there's hope now!

robayre said...

Was that honey bear bath before or after I gave you one? That would be crazy if you did that beforehand.